a 36 megapixel mini monster’s arrival announced today in Gizmo world….

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I love cameras… Seeing this news, I felt like mentioning it here …


February 7, 2012;
Digital SLR camera D800/D800E

Nikon Corporation announced its new Nikon FX-format digital SLR camera (Nikon D800) with the world's highest effective pixel count–36.3-million pixels. Nikon D800 is equipped with the new EXPEED 3 image-processing engine and a 91K-pixel (approximately 91,000 pixels) RGB sensor for overwhelming definition and image quality.

It has a new 91K-pixel RGB sensor for the more accurate Advanced Scene Recognition System. It also

Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie for movie recording: The D800 records movies exhibiting superior resolution with optimal processing of information acquired from the 36.3-million pixel image sensor. Recording of 1920 x 1080p/30-fps full-HD movies is supported, and users can choose to record using the FX-based movie format or the DX-based movie format according to recording conditions. The FX-based movie format offers a shallow depth-of-field with an emphasis on blur characteristics while the DX-based movie format enables recording of movies that bring subjects closer when lenses with short focal lengths are used. The D800 is also equipped with a headphone jack and supports precise adjustment of microphone sensitivity.

In addition, it supports simultaneous display of movies or the movie live view display in the camera monitor and on an external monitor.

This camera will be a treat for those professionals who demand higher resolution…

The D800 will be available in March for $3000, with the D800E following in April for $3300.

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